UK Customs Solutions can provide a range of integrated, cost-effective and reliable import customs services

We will identify and propose bespoke solutions to suit your needs through data analysis under our unique Customs Health Check service. Every client’s needs are different. We get to know you and your business, understanding how you operate and the types of customs services & processes you need. Using our extensive knowledge we then propose solutions and recommendations to ensure your business benefits from the best fit streamlined and fully compliant processes. Our experienced team are ready on hand to guide you through the whole process, ensuring vigorous compliance with the added bonus of identifying potential time and cost-savings for your business.

By combining and incorporating into our best practice the accumulated sector knowledge and experience of our senior managers and our staff, we ensure that each Import clearance completed for you meets or surpasses all legal and professional standards. Our experienced team offers full Import capabilities whilst utilising any customs regime such as CFSP, IPR/OPR, OSR and bonded warehousing across all sectors for Air, Sea or Road with 24/7 coverage. We provide vast UK coverage for all UK Ports & Airports assisting in accelerated clearance and release of arrival shipments. Our automated service facilitates faster & simpler customs documentation resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Our clients also benefit from a full deferment usage control and management service.

By combining and incorporating into our best practice the accumulated sector knowledge and experience of our senior managers and our staff, we ensure that each Export clearance completed for you meets or surpasses all legal and professional standards. Assuring HMRC compliance for Exporters, Agents and Transport operators the NES (National Export System) enables export declarations to be made electronically, replacing manual processing. The use of NES is mandatory for exporters, who must be authorised to use it. Our comprehensive service Includes Full/Simplified lodgement of NES declaration, Third party declarations offering a single point of contact for all NES brokerage. We provide Carrier notification of DUCR prior to Departure, a full audit trail and document retention. We also offer the provision of any required Export Certification to meet both domestic and International customs regulations.

UKCS provides a fully automated CFSP service which can offer substantial benefits to many different clients. The use of CFSP through UKCS will enable you to gain accelerated release of your goods from Customs at the (air)port or at authorised locations inland (subject to anti-smuggling checks). This also allows the client to achieve cash flow benefits as any duty and Import VAT are not payable until the Supplementary Declaration is submitted. This service can be used in conjunction with standard entry and warehouse procedures to suit the needs of your business. As in all UKCS services this offers your business a greater flexibility whilst ensuring complete compliance with a full audit trail.

There is a substantial amount of customs documentation involved in International trade which may be for UK or destination customs, other government departments or for banking purposes. Some examples of the more common documents required within the United Kingdom are Certificates of Origin, ATR, EUR1 certificates and T2L forms. The UKCS experienced teams can assist all Importers and Shippers with the correct documentation required to ensure smooth import customs clearance, compliance and fulfil any legal obligations.
Merchandise imported into the UK from outside the EU has to be declared to Customs under a commodity code. UKCS can review your products, their descriptions and classifications to make sure they are accurate and compliant as well as assist you with filing for binding rulings. This UKCS service helps to avoid costly delays and potential penalties that could arise from product misclassification as well as ensuring full compliance to your business.

Both importers and exporters who trade throughout the EU have a legal obligation to provide monthly declarations to HMRC for statistical purposes. The data collected is based on the physical movements of goods between all EU member countries. UKCS’s qualified customs team can prepare and lodge all intrastat and EC sales data on behalf of importers and exporters in a compliant/efficient manner using our bespoke duty management software. This client dedicated UKCS team ensure that processes are continuously reviewed and adapted to changes in legislation to ensure seamless compliance with any legal obligation.

A new venture or looking to source internationally on a commercial or personal level for the first time can be a daunting task. With our extensive experience and knowledge we can ensure transferring your residence, shipping personal items/house-hold goods or procuring internationally is as seamlessly simple and stress free as possible. We can advise all first time importers on the most cost effective shipping methods, the appropriate Incoterms to be used, whether it be door to door or simply from arrival in the UK. Our friendly, professional and experienced approach ensures you or your business are well informed on the shipping and customs processes which can consist of some unfamiliar terminologies and also ensures you are fully aware of the potential costly pitfalls in not selecting a trusted and experienced agent. Make our team at UK Customs Solutions your first call with any questions or enquiries you may have. Our experienced team can readily assist with any concerns and find the best fit solutions for you. We look forward to joining you on your international journey, whether that be a one-off shipment of personal effects, or to enhance your growing business.

Our Management Team have a wealth of past experience in International Supply Chain & Freight Logistics processes. Utilising our extensive global network of partners and Suppliers, UKCS has the full capabilities to carry out any International & Domestic freight movements via Sea, Air, or Road. Our experienced team will guide you through all the regulatory compliances, customs points and logistics milestones utilising our industry specialists. UKCS are very proud of their client relationships and will ensure they offer a bespoke personal touch and become an integral part of your supply chain management, at competitive prices with outstanding levels of customer service.

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