UK Customs Solutions Privacy Policy

As from May 2018 there were changes in privacy data bringing into effect the General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) which gives individuals more control on how their personal information is used. In line with GDPR UK Customs Solutions now requires individuals to express their permission to hold information and continue contact.

Some contact details which are held by UKCS include company name, address, website, email, phone numbers, plus dates and details of any contact. Our policy is to keep a record of where or how we have obtained the data stored.

The marketing database will be reviewed regularly, and details deleted after two years if not required. However, in line with HMRC guidelines we will keep import, export and sales documents for 7 years.

Our marketing database will be used to send out updates on any relevant news topics or opportunities which may benefit the company.

Here at UK Customs Solutions we take your privacy very seriously. We will not pass information on to any third party and will only use details to contact the person directly.

If an individual no longer requires to be contacted or stored on our database, we require an email to be sent to We will then delete all information and note the company name is not to be contacted.

If you have any issues, as the data subject you have the right to make a complaint directly to a supervisory authority. UKCS data protection compliance is supervised by the ICO. Please contact them on the following address:

Information Commissioners Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

UKCS Privacy Policy, Version 2. Dated 20th June 2018

Original publish date: 23rd May 2018